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Note: Please watch the video first, it’s 8 minutes short and after that if you want to learn more about the story read the text bellow. Thanks! 🙂

You heard it right folks! 

I bought “my dream car” by 27 and paid 100,000 dollars for it. 

And yeah, if you wonder: it makes me feel warm inside, every time I take it for a spin.. Exactly like I’ve imagined. 

When I drive it I feel the appreciation of others. I feel validated by people I don’t know. People look at my car and say “Wow, nice whip man, congrats!” and that makes me feel even better about myself.


Buying this car was one of the best life decisions: because it makes me feel THAT I AM BETTER THAN YOU!


Plot Twist: Wait a minute. Actually… here’s the real story!

Hopefully you are still here. Here’s the real story. 


Last year, just around Christmas, I saw that two of my closest friends buying new cars. And not any cars: the NEW BMW 5-Series! 


I meet up with one of them and he showed me his new whip, and I fell in love. Right there on the spot. 


Massage chairs, covered in the finest Merino leather, all white, like I was in a dream. I pressed that little button and POW! the seat started hugging me, pushing me, throwing me around, like I was being massaged by angels!


Then he showed me the sound system. It was incredible. I felt like in a concert hall. I felt like I have hired The Rolling Stones for the day to play for me in my car.


And then at a traffic light, when it turned green, he stepped on that gas. Boy oh boy I could feel that twin turbo engine power roaring and screaming, like a tiger kept in a cage and released to eat that beautiful, young and sweet deer. 


I felt Amazing! 


It like I was in a spaceship, with a spa and concert hall all in one amazing car.

I knew that I needed to have this car in my life. Shut up, and take my money!

I needed this car because it would make me feel better about myself.


When he finished showing me the car, I stepped into my Audi A6 from 2014 and when I started it I felt like trash, even so it was a nice car by itself. By comparison it was outdated.


I sat there in my car and almost felt like crying. I was so hurt inside that Alex, my friend, bought this car, and I don’t have it because I worked so hard and I also deserve this car!


I felt like a kid who’s friend came in class one day with this new toy car, and he showed it around to all his friends, while they gather around him to see him how he plays with it. We all watched him smile. When I got home, I told my parents: “Mom, dad, Charlie had this AMAZING red car, I want one too, please! Please mom! Can you buy it for me?”


I felt like a like a kid who was one toy away from happiness.


The next few days I could not sleep. They disturbed me.  I keep thinking about this car. I kept thinking about how poor I feel inside because I don’t own one, and how happy it will make me owning one. Like Alex was, he seemed super happy and relaxed. I wanted that also! I wanted to be like Alex. And the only way for me to achieve that state of Zen, happiness, social validation and cool-ness was to buy this car.


The next day I called Alex and asked him how he got it. He gave me this girl’s number, from the BMW dealership, closed the phone and I called her. 


“ME: Hi, I’m Chris, I am a friend of Alex. He bought a 5-Series from you guys just a few weeks ago. I want one too! Do you have some for drive test?

BMW Dealership Lady: Hi Chris, nice to meet you. Yes, we do! Can you come by today? I’ll have one ready for you by the time you get here!”


Me: Awesome, yeah, I am on my way!”


I stepped into, what I thought it was my piece of junk A6 and went to the mecca of all happiness, fulfillment and Zen: the BMW Dealership. Aaaaaaa!


When I entered the dealership I was surrounded with dream cars. On the right, the all new all sexy BMW M5 in baby blue. 21″ wheels. Competition Paket. Insane. Then I saw the X5, the new one. Big, black and angry looking. With that M-Paket, it looked mean.


Then I saw my dream car (or at least what I was thinking at that moment it was)


The all new 5-Series. In Mediterranean Blue. Black leather seats, M-Package, big 19″ wheels. It was amazing. 


I went out for a test drive and I felt like I was in cloud nine! I felt like for the moment being, all my problems were gone. It made me feel better, smarter; it make me feel more worthy, more appreciated, more loved by others. 


It made me feel like I was worth something. It made me feel like I made it! I made me feel important. Better than the rest.


And so… I bought the $100,00 car!

Don’t worry, I was stupid until the end. I didn’t buy it with my money because I didn’t have 100k lying on my socks drawer. 


I bought it in 60 monthly instalments worth $1,000 + interest was around $200 per month plus the full assurance $300, you can total that to around $1,500 monthly, for the next 5 years of my life. 


Oh, and I forgot to tell you. I had to pay $15,000 upfront and another $15,000 after those 5 years, to have my car in my name.


Smart, right? I wonder how much would the car cost after 5 years. I bet it’s around than $15,000 to get it used, with 150,000 miles on it.


And so I bite the bullet, and with the tank of my future-self and my friend the BANK, I “bought it”. Actually, I didn’t buy it, it wasn’t me, it was the banks. I was just paying almost 2x its value in 5 years just to drive it around.


But who cares, who knows. Nobody. The monthly instalments of $1,500 don’t show up in the pictures! Right?


You may now ask yourself (in that non-judgemental way) why I did this, because it’s not a smart thing to do. Especially how I did it.


Why did I do it? For all the wrong reasons.

#1 The main one was that I wanted to be like my friends. I wanted to fit in. I wanted to be liked. I wanted to have this cool car so that people would love me more, so that my friends will care more about me, so that I would be validated, and everyone will think that I am doing well in life. 


What I didn’t knew back then was that nobody would care about me and my stupid car, all they would care about is themselves and how it makes this experience feel them.


#2 I wanted to be better. To feel better. To be more important. To step out of this car and see the look on the face of my friends, thinking “How the heck did he get this, is he selling drugs?” 


What I didn’t know back then was that it’s not nice to rub things in the face of those who struggle to get better in life and business, because this will not help them. This will not inspire them. This would most of the time make them feel bad about what they have done with their life, by comparing themself’s with others.


#3 Last but not least I bought this because I felt into this “Law of Attraction” trap (that I might have wrongly interpreted) that I buy this car, I will attract even more wealth in my life. Because you need to get that Gucci tee, even if you don’t like it, to let the universe know that you love expensive shit, and this way, you will get from the universe more money to get all the expensive shit you love.


What I didn’t knew back then was that I don’t need a fancy car to attract more wealth into my life. All I need is to work with passion and purpose at something that I love, and I will generate all the wealth in the world! And then, if I want to get this car, I should, but for the right reasons.


To cut the story short,  I’ve ended up selling the car and loosing a lot of money, but gaining a lot of wisdom. I was a big lesson for me, here’s what I’ve learned.


The biggest lesson learned here is…

(Side note: Keep in mind that this is just my personal experience, and it can have nothing to do with you. You could buy your dream car and feel awesome, because you did it for the right reasons, unlike me.)


Looking back this experience made me better, wiser and smarter all around.


I have this very simple principle now that I follow. Whenever I feel the need to buy something, I ask myself this question:


Do I want to buy this thing for myself? One hundred percent?


And if the answer is 100% without hesitation, I get it. If it’s 99% I don’t. It means it’s not for me.


The reason I felt miserable about buying this car because I did it for the wrong reasons: I bought to get the validation from others.


Kind of sad and ironic, but I admit it: I remember the day I sold it, it was the happiest day of my life because I felt free. 


The main idea is that it’s not really about this car, this car can be a metaphor for many things.

It’s more about buying shit to impress others, buying stuff for others.


Nowadays I don’t buy shit that I think others will think is cool, so that I get validated and appreciated. 


I buy stuff that I love.


I’ve learned that I am ok with myself and that I love myself more. I do more of what makes me happy inside.


I chose to be happy. It’s a choice, that’s how I view it. 


I forgave (past tense) myself for doing stupid shit like buying a car that was not really my dream car in order to fit in and to have others validate me, because doing this stupid shit made me wiser and smarter. 


And in the end I am very grateful for every experience that I had, because looking back it all makes sense now.


I’ve learned a very valuable lesson for myself, and I do hope that you take from this very personal story what you think it’s best for you. 


If I can send a short text to my past self, it would be something like this:


Hey, dude! Do whatever makes you happy. 

Don’t seek for external validation, only internal, because that’s the only trusted source. 

Buy the things you love for yourself. For the right reasons! 

Don’t forget, even if you fuck up, it will strengthen you, smarter and wiser. Don’t sweat too much about it. 

Looking forward, it’s not clear, but looking back: it will all make sense.