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Who is Cristi Stefan And What’s This Blog About?

Let’s start with the first part: Who am I?

Deep question. That’s the question you get when you visit your overpaid therapist, and then realize that you have to pay him or her ten more times so you can find out.

Jokes aside, 99% of my adult I was focused on making money, building business, marketing, personal development, and psychology.

In that exact order. 

I’ve spent the last 8-10 years focused on creating products and services that would help others around me. In exchange for that help, I would get a small amount of money.

Multiply that small amount with a lot of customers and returning customers and you get a successful business. 

But after I’ve achieved some of my personal goals (I will not talk/brag/share them here because they are personal for a reason) I realised that I wanted to do something more, meaningful with my life. 

I then realised that I have a few passions that I want to pursue, regardless of the money I will make from those passions because they already make me feel rich. 

Those passions are: writing, creating videos, thinking about new ideas, speaking and helping others with my ideas. 

I was thinking about this for a very long time, but to be very honest I was scared to share those ideas. Because I don’t want to share a lot about myself, sensitive information, that I see many people sharing just so they can impress or position themselves as authorities.

But I realised that I can do this without showing you my bank accounts, or the car and watch I have, where I travel, what I eat and how luxurious my life is or not.

I know that I risk not being trusted, but I am ok with that risk. I hope to be judged based on the ideas and content that I put out, and not on the things I have, the money I have or the places I travel to.

What is this new project?

It’s about three simple things.

1. The blog where I write unfiltered ideas, anything that I think it’s useful and that I want to share, goes here. 

2. The Youtube Channel, where I will create videos, that are better structured and higher quality than the articles you get here. I am passionate about filmmaking, so I am trying my best to deliver the ideas I have in the best form possible. No pressure.

3. The Podcast will also be available on Youtube in unedited video format, where I would expand on ideas from the blog and the videos.

The simple intention behind all of this is to offer as much value as I can on the things I am passionate about and on the areas where I have a lot of results: business, life, marketing, productivity and so on.

What do you need to do next? How to stay in touch:

First, you can join the newsletter to be the first to get my new stuff. Then you can subscribe to the Youtube Channel.

And last to follow me on Instagram, where I would post some images, behind the scenes and so on, not a lot because I love my privacy.

Let’s hope this will be a long and interesting journey for both of us!