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How To Start? A Business, A Project, Something That Matters!

Whenever I start something new, like in this case the blog, podcast and Youtube channel, I am scared.

The main reason being that I know that I am sharing a part of me with someone I don’t know, and I risk being judged, criticized or even liked. Yes, there’s also a fear of being liked, called fear of success.

Up until this point of my life, I’ve started a few projects and business, some were super successful, like my business, some were not, as my last attempt to create a car review channel, but what matters is that it feels ten times much better to start something, rather than to think about it and never do it.

In the end, I know for myself, that I will regret the things that I’ve always wanted to do in my life, but never had the courage to do. 

It’s much better to do something, do it badly, get criticized than not do it at all. Trust me on that one. Here’s why:

I can’t stop wondering what would have happened if the guy who was thinking about the electricity, the internet, the personal computer, the plan, had never pursued his dream to create.

We would still be in the prehistoric age?

We would send out messages with the help of our fellow pigeons?

How would I be able to express myself, to write this text, to create the videos that I feel inside to create if all those before me would have decided not to start creating?

That would not be a nice place to live, that’s for sure.

So that’s why I think it’s very important to START.

When? Now. Yesterday. TODAY.

Don’t wait until tomorrow, because that some later day transform itself into never.

It is crucial to start now with what you have, rather than wait until to a later day when you will have more, and be more prepared, and bla, bla, bla. That will never happen. Now you are the most prepared as you will ever be.

Start doing NOW the work that matters to you, even if you risk being judged, criticized or even liked. Who cares in the end?

What do you know all those remarkable people that have impacted your life in a way or another have in common?

All of those actors, influencers, filmmakers, content creators, that you aspire to become one day, what do they all have in common?

Yes, you are right. They started something from what they had and kept at it. Hit after hit, until they found success. And when they found it, they kept pushing and expressing their passion.

Don’t wait. Start now!